Hands-on workshop tailored for data-driven marketing professionals

Unlock the full potential of audience creation and campaign optimization in GA4

An important advantage of GA4 is its ability to build advanced audiences and use them in Google Ads, DV360 and other platforms. Taking advantage of these unique capabilities allows marketing teams to be more effective, efficient and accurate.

Knowledge, tools and collaboration

Explore the why and how of audiences in our GA4 Analytics workshop. Learn the benefits of a privacy-focused world, grasp fundamental concepts, and get hands-on in creating your audiences. Brainstorm needs, plan strategically, and set the stage for future discussions. Join us for a practical journey into GA4 audience strategies!

Master audience creation in one workshop

What will we cover?

The ultimate
solution for
perfect website


The role of audiences in the customer lifecycle journey


The benefits of utilizing GA4 audiences in Google Ads


Fundamental GA4 concepts


Hands-on training in audience building