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Step 1 - Discovery

Here the fun part begins. Questioning the needs to tailor the right analytics suite for the unique business.

Step 2 - Diagnostic

We scan the current measurement implementation, identify and pin-point the technical issues that should be taken care of in order to provide a clear view over the data.

Step 3 - Set up

We design the architecture of the data for tracking, with consideration with the business data sources available and limitations.

Step 4 - Training

Building data-driven teams across the business, trained for optimization, analysis and taking actions.

Product Analytics

Understand how users are actually using your product. What makes them leave and what makes them come back for more.

Marketing Analytics

Identify your best customers and users. From click to first acquisition. Leading vs. Lacking traffic sources. Get 360 view over you marketing efforts.

CRM Integration

Complete corporate analytics suit. Enables advanced user segmentation and synergy across the business data sources. Taking web analytics to the next level.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics secret weapon for tier 1 companies looking to empower their teams with powerful data-driven tools. Use a 360 Solutions in the center of your marketing and product teams.

Magic Performance ©

Custom solution built for next generation marketers, focused on maximizing ROI.

Staff Training & Development

Building a data-driven teams across the company. Teaching the needed skill from beginners to proficient, step by step.
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