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5 Essential GA4 E-commerce Events: Improving Insights and Conversion through Accurate Measurement

Accurate measurements are essential to understanding our users and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our sites. But the story doesn’t begin and end with sales data. GA4 presents us with an opportunity to track user behavior through E-commerce events. Here are five key events that warrant close monitoring and provide valuable insights and optimization opportunities.

The Shift to GA4 E-commerce Events

GA4 E-commerce Events introduces users to a new scheme. By measuring events, you gain deeper insights into the various stages of the user journey on your website, allowing you to identify potential areas for improvement and optimize performance and conversion.

Top E-commerce Events to Implement on GA4

You can use numerous e-commerce events to track user interactions on GA4. Here are the ones we recommend that you prioritize:

  • select_item: This event is triggered when a user clicks on an item to view it. It provides valuable information about user interest and product exploration.

  • view_item: The view_item event signifies when a user views an item. It helps you gauge user engagement and product popularity.

  • add_to_cart and remove_from_cart: These events track when a user adds or removes items from their cart, allowing you to monitor shopping behavior and identify potential barriers to conversion.

  • begin_checkout: The begin_checkout event occurs when a user initiates the checkout process. It helps you understand the effectiveness of your checkout flow and identify potential drop-off points.

  • purchase: The purchase event is triggered when a user completes a transaction. It provides critical insights into revenue generation and overall conversion performance.

Utilizing the These Events to Create Funnel Reports

So, you've successfully integrated the recommended events into your GA4 setup —what's next? By implementing these recommended events and using the E-commerce scheme, you automatically enrich your default reports with data. Furthermore, you unlock the ability to create insightful funnel reports that allow you to visualize the user flow and identify the drop-off rate at each step of the customer journey. With an optional breakdown of categories and additional metrics, you can delve deeper into specific segments and gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior.

The Value of Accurate Measurement: Improving Performance

Everyone knows how important it is to implement these events on websites. However, many of us neglect to do it consistently and accurately, thinking that monitoring sales data will offer sufficient insight. However, it’s not only sales that matter – every step along the user journey holds significance. By tracking and analyzing the essential e-commerce events abovementioned, you gain the tools to recognize significant drop-off points and investigate potential issues, gaining valuable insights that can help refine your marketing strategies, identify optimization opportunities, and ultimately, boost conversion rates.


Understanding the power of GA4’s E-commerce events is essential for accurate measurement and insightful analysis. By implementing and analyzing these events, you unlock a deeper understanding of user interactions, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your website's performance. Get in touch with SWCs experts to gain an in-depth understanding of the practices that can help you leverage the insights of GA4 E-commerce Events to realize your full online potential.

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