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Introducing in GA4: The Business Objectives Collection In the latest GA4 update, marketers and analysts now have the ability to access personalized reports that deliver valuable insights tailored to your specific business goals.

GA4 introduced the Business Objectives Collection on June 8, 2023, as a replacement for the previously known Life Cycle Collection. While the previous version offered insights into the customer journey, the Business Objectives Collection takes a more tailored approach. It utilizes the information you provide during your initial Google Analytics setup to generate personalized reports that align with your specific business goals.

Tailored Insights for Your Goals

Whether your focus is on optimizing online sales, increasing user acquisition, or improving traffic generation, the Business Objectives Collection caters to your specific objectives. Rather than see generic reports & metrics, this collection will present only what impacts your business's success.

(taken from Google documentation:)


Default reports

Generate leads

Analyze visitor metrics and attract new customers


User acquisition

Traffic acquisition

Landing page

Drive online sales

Analyze purchase behavior and get more sales


Ecommerce purchases


User purchase journey

Raise brand awareness

Spread the word about your business


Google Ads campaigns

Demographic details

Pages and screens

Examine user behavior

Learn how people use your site or app




Pages and screens

Baseline reports

Multiple types of reports

All the reports in Life cycle

Practical Benefits of Business Objectives Collection

  1. Insights aligned with your goals: This feature allows you to fine-tune your data analysis efforts, focusing on insights that directly relate to your business objectives. It streamlines your workflow, ensuring you invest your time where it matters most.

  2. Consistency across users & teams: By offering a consistent set of reports to all users, the Business Objectives Collection promotes collaboration and facilitates unified decision-making. It fosters an environment where everyone can rely on the same data for informed discussions.

Access and Customization

When you set up your GA4 account and specify your business information, you'll notice the transition from the Life Cycle Collection to the Business Objectives Collection.

However, if you still see the Life Cycle Collection, one or more of the following may be accurate for you:

  • Your property was created before March 27, 2023.

  • You didn't provide business information during the initial setup.

  • You migrated from a Universal Analytics property using Setup Assistant.

It's worth noting that all users with access to the property will have access to the same set of reports.

While GA4 doesn't dynamically adapt the Business Objectives Collection when you change your business information, you have the flexibility to access and customize the collection to your preferences:

  1. Go to the "Reports" section on the left sidebar.

  2. Select "Library" at the bottom left (ensure you have the Editor role).

  3. To modify the reports in the Business Objectives Collection, click "Edit collection."

  4. To add this collection to your navigation for easy access, click on the Collection action menu and choose "Publish."

In summary, Google Analytics Business Objectives Collection is a pragmatic addition that enhances your data analysis without extravagant claims. It empowers you to align your insights with your specific business goals, facilitating more efficient decision-making and contributing to your business's growing success. This feature exemplifies GA4's commitment to help businesses make the most of their data, one step at a time.

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