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Advanced Customer Acquisition based on the highest Lifetime Value will boost performance and focus your marketing efforts on your best customers.



Key marketing activities for any ecommerce business are 1) acquiring new customers (Customer Acquisition) and 2) driving repeat transactions from existing customers (Retention)


New customer acquisition:  Acquisition efforts spread across many channels (Search, Display, Social, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising  and more). Most advertisers already know that these channels are trackable – but it is still very hard to compute and understand the value of each channel and campaign (ROI).


This is becoming especially challenging in E-Commerce businesses, as the true value from new customer does not end with his/her first purchase.


Customer retention: Understanding customers repeat purchase behaviour and retention is a huge challenge. What is a retention rate anyway? How do you compute it?

Solutions given

Smart Acquisition : We help our clients deliver better results by understanding the true value of their marketing spend. This allows them to confidently test new channels, optimized existing channels and get better in finding the right customers – the customers that brings in most value


Retention Pulse: Each customer behavior is different, some buy every month, other buy every 3 months. We help our customers comput retention for each customer separately. This activity allows our customers to both correctly measure their retention activity and identify customers that are late to make their next purchase and alert the ones that are likely to churn.


Identifying users that are about to churn is the first step to understand why they left and figuring out how to re-engage them.


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