Marketing Warehouse

Take the hassle out of your analysis

Integrated directly into your BigQuery project, our marketing warehouse takes the hassle out of your analysis by transforming your GA4 data, allowing for quick, intuitive, and cost-efficient data analysis.

Full Service

We are here for you.  SWC integrates the system for you and provides ongoing support and consulting.

Integrates with your GA4 data

Leverage the full power of your GA4 data to get customized reports, test product launches and more.

Efficient and user-friendly

Our tables are organized and segmented according to business context, eliminating the complexities of nested structures.

Complete and trustworthy

Our product comes pre-integrated with data preparation processes, advertising platforms, data import and pre-built models for reliable analytics.

Transform your online analytics data

Commonly used for

The ultimate
solution for
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Marketing and product analysis


Build custom attribution, customer segmentation, and LTV models


Easily create tables and directly dink to visualization tools