SWC - ABTasty Lands in Israel


ABTasty Lands in Israel

ABTasty and SWC - Join forces to empower Israeli tech with advanced A/B testing and experimentation tools

Ever since Google shut down Google Optimize in September 2023, tech marketers have been looking for alternatives. Here at SWC, we've also been on the hunt for alternative experiments platforms. We have especially taken an in-depth look into the 3 A/B testing platforms that Google announced as full integration partners with GA4.

Israel’s marketers can now gain access to one of the world’s leading customer experience platforms; ABTasty, named by Google as one of their preferred vendors for experimentation, and we’re excited to announce that SWC is now their strategic partner in Israel!

ABTasty: a leading, all-in-one customer experience optimization platform

ABTasty’s advanced platform abilities make them stand out. The durability, security and vast options that their platform enables, together with SWC’s expertise, is a game changer for Israeli marketers. We are happy to announce that Israeli digital enterprises and startups can now get access to ABTasty’s platform with easy integration and a smooth onboarding experience, supported by SWC’s team of marketing technology experts.

ABTasty has been a world renowned leader in the customer experience field for over a decade, serving more than 1,000 leading companies including McDonald’s, L’Oreal, Disneyland Paris, and more.

"We are thrilled to partner with ABTasty and to bring to Israel the best-in-class experience optimization solutions," said SWC’s CEO, Zvika Jerbi. "At SWC we choose the most advanced and trusted technologies to make sure our clients have everything they need to deliver the best marketing results. We’re honored that ABTasty chose us to be their partners and representatives in Israel.״

So what makes ABTasty one of the best experiment platforms out there?

ABTasty allows tech marketers to track, test, customize and optimize their customer’s experience, all in one place. Users can run A/B tests on their website and app, create personalized product recommendations, feature rollouts, and use AI to automate workflows and understand users’ behavior.

ABTasty is set on helping companies push great ideas even further through specialized optimization, and of course, a built-in AI tool (infused with the obligatory splash of AI), with the only emotion-based segmentation solution available in the market.

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