Site speed monitor

It’s time to start taking your speed seriously

Don't underestimate the impact of loading speed and interactivity. A mere one-second delay in mobile page load time can slash conversions by up to 20%. Our tool simplifies the process, monitoring your site and delivering straightforward recommendations for immediate performance improvement.

Lab Data + Field Data

Combine synthetic testing in a simulated environment with actual real-user experiences.

Actionable Solutions

Actionable opportunities and recommendations to solve your major problems.

Full Service

We’re here for you. SWC integrates the system for you and provides ongoing support and consulting.

Integrates your GA4 Data

Leverage the full power of your GA4 data to get customized reports, test product launches and more.

Want to feel the speed?

The ultimate solution
for perfect website

The ultimate
solution for
perfect website

Improve site KPIs

Reduce bounce rate and increase engagement, retention and conversions.


With web vitals now part of Google's search engine ranking, ensuring peak performance will improve rankings.

Enable Instant Response

Monitoring your site's performance 24/7 means you can react the moment an issue arises and decrease potential loss of revenue.