DV360 onboarding

From account creation to launch readiness

We’ll set up your account according to your specific needs, so you can focus on what matters.

Right structure and measurement is crucial to success

As DV360 is a marketing platform with endless features and possibilities, having the correct structure, set up, integrations and floodlight configuration can make all the difference.

Correct account hierarchy

DV360 is designed to fit large-scale advertisers. These advertisers usually have specific needs and unique structure. DV360 is planned to facilitate all kinds of advertisers.

Measurement setup

In today’s ecosystem, marketing measurement spans much wider than just pixel implementation. Our team will assist in picking the correct measurement method and implementing the solution.

Let us set you up


DV360 offers in and out of the box integrations. We will help you set up and validate all the relevant integrations.

Feature use roadmap

Since DV360 has endless features and possibilities, it’s crucial to start with a clear roadmap for the features that will be tested over the first year of use .