Bidding Algorithm Configuration

Control the exact way your marketing campaigns auto-optimize for what’s really important to you

Giving Google just the right feedback

Ad platforms have become so smart that no human can beat their decision making skills. Just give them a goal - and they’ll go for it! But are we giving them the best goals? Does standard conversion tracking REALLY represent business success?

Full Service

We are here for you.  SWC integrates the system for you and provides ongoing support and consulting.

Integrates with your GA4 data

Leverage the full power of your GA4 data to get customized reports, test product launches and more.

Optimize for multiple conversions at once

We’ve all been there. We have a “super conversion” that’s really meaningful to our organization, but it doesn’t occur enough times for auto-optimization. On the other hand, we have “softer” conversions that are great for optimization due to quantity, but lack the strength of the “super conversions”. Advanced bidding scripts make it possible to use both of these conversions in one place and get the best of both worlds.

Assign different credit “points” to different conversions types

Does a “post-view” conversion equal “post-click”? Do conversion within 1 day of impression equal those that occur 7 days after? What about different conversion types - are they all the same?

Advertise like the best

Optimize for LTV

Different users generate different profits (or losses). Today’s bidding tools enable us to optimize users who are more likely to generate high profit!

Optimize for incremental value

Ad platforms optimize users who see/click your ads, and later convert. They are unable to optimize users who will convert DUE to the campaign. Custom bidding scripts make it possible to give higher credit to conversions that occurred solely due to the campaign!

Create a competitive advantage

You are the only advertiser in the world that uses this specific bidding algorithm, and it’s suited to meet your EXACT needs.