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Our road trip partners

We owe a lot of our knowledge and experience to those who inspired and challenged us along the road.

Your business is a riddle. We can’t stand not knowing the answer

We are a Statistics, UX, Marketing fanatics. We solve puzzles during lunch. We test business models for fun. We test products before going to bed. We solve business questions.
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Because you deserve a clear view of your users behaviour

We live to tell the full User Story of your business. From the birth of the first click to the baby steps of engagement until a grown returning customer.
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Marketing analytics

Measuring multi-touch acquisition and marketing efforts. Leading to enhanced performance and smarter acquisition.

Product analytics

Apply advanced segmentation analysis, measure various A/B tests, and achieve optimal user experience.

CRM Integration

A complete corporate suite. Integrate different data sources with your digital product for end-to-end analysis.

Staff Training

Get your team equipped with the skills they need to perform their day-to-day decisions based on analytical data.

We’ve asked them to say something nice about us

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“Understanding customer acquisition thru all channels is crucial for any business. SWC helped us see through the acquisition funnel and better understand our users.”


Alon Ben David CTO at Winner

“We measure everything at Outbrain and as such it is very important for us to keep up with the latest trends in Google Analytics. In their training sessions, SWC focused exactly on that and helped us tweak our insights by adopting different methods than the ones we used.”


Miko Levi VP Customer Acquisition at Outbrain

“In a world where marketing and data are so interconnected you want to have SWC on your side. Working with SWC is helped us answer many of the questions we have. We are now constantly using AB testing and data to optimize our marketing efforts.”


Eyal Keren CMO at Waves

“SWC has the highest possible standard when it comes to Google Analytics and data in general. They will get you through planning, collection, analysis and insights - they will translate your data into decisions!”


Daniel Waisberg Analytics Advocate at Google

“Working with SWC always feels like you are working with real pros! They know their shit!”


Tal Zoar Head of BI at Wix

“Working together with SWC has really improved our decision making processes, By nature, the guys from SWC are committed to constantly enlightening us with insights on our users. We have relevant, accurate and effective data to support both big and small decisions we make.”


Yavin Gil Mor CEO at Yad2

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E-Commerce Sector

Acquisition & Retention : Use Data To Find The Right Customers – Advanced Customer Acquisition based on the highest Lifetime Value will boost performance and focus your marketing efforts on your best customers.
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Publishers, Marketplaces and Classified Portals

How Well do You Know Your Users ? – Understanding Multi device usage is crucial as users tend to engage more frequently from many touch points. Making decisions based on high quality data is leading to happier users and better performances.
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Finance & Insurance Sector

The Power Of Together – Imagine Your Web Analytics Talking With Your CRM – Web Analysis using CRM data offers an advanced segmentation possibilities that leads to smarter customer acquisition, better understanding of user behaviour and better results.
Case study